Yobbin is the most dominant character in the Yobbin stories. He was born in Sop Pong.

Early life and separation with Zobbin

Yobbin and Zobbin were childhood friends, and siblings. A disagreement between the two occured over who would have the control of the sacred, ancient zobbinberry tree. This was told in episode one of Twas yobbin by Deelan. Zobbin was also angry at Yobbin for flooding Old Billy's tent. The two had a very heated argument over the control of the tree, and after that, Yobbin decided to leave Sop Pong, and create Pong Sop.

Creation of Pong Sop

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Yobbin then created Pong Sop, the exact opposite of Zobbin's Sop Pong. The two nations are always at war, and each are trying to destroy each other.